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July 3rd, 2017 by

How many of us like bargains? I know when I walk into a department store for some new clothes I go straight to the sales or clearance rack and have found some gems. Whether you find a suit that normally costs $500 for $100 or a T-shirt that is marked down to $2.00. We all love finding the “deal of the century” when we go shopping.  Why should car shopping be any different? There are many reason why you should buy a used vehicle.


  • Save Money

Buying a new vehicle can be great. Who doesn’t like that new car smell? But if you tell me I can save an average of $12,000 on a used vehicle, well sign me up. Buying a new vehicle does have its advantages, but at what cost. Not to mention that some don’t have the stellar credit required to buy a new vehicle. This is one of the reasons to choose EZ Auto, which by the way is the premier buy here pay here dealership in Lubbock. Not only can we save you money on a used vehicle, but we offer in-house financing. We will get to that a little later. This is the biggest reason to buy used.


  • Vehicle Reports

One of the disadvantages of buying a new car is not knowing what you are buying. Of course, you know that you are trying to buy a 2018 Ford Focus, but what are you really buying. Like anything brand new there will be some bugs that will need to be fixed like a recall. When buying a used vehicle, you can get a Carfax report and see what kind of vehicle you are getting. Knowing the history of a vehicle is a huge plus when it comes to deciding on the purchase of a vehicle.  EZ Auto provides Carfax reports to every single one of our vehicles in our inventory. In my opinion knowing is better than going in blind.


  • Financing Options

I said I would get to it and here it is. With those of us without stellar credit who wouldn’t be able to finance a new car there is an option for you. In-house financing is a fantastic route when it comes to buying a vehicle. With EZ Auto’s in-house financing program you can drive away in a great vehicle that you will love for years to come.


These are so many other reasons to buy a used vehicle as opposed to new one. When buying a car, truck or SUV you always have a choice. Next time you are in the market make sure you think of EZ Auto for your car purchasing needs. We are the premier buy here pay here dealership in Lubbock.

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